Total Tosh
Live long and prosper.  Have fun!
Five dogs drunkenly tastes umpteen quite silly cats, however Mark lamely towed one subway. Two partly irascible bureaux auctioned off slightly speedy fountains.
 Umpteen tickets almost quickly abused the silly cats. Umpteen purple bureaux towed five partly speedy fountains, because the subway drunkenly fights mostly progressive pawnbrokers.
Of course all this is absolute tosh, but then there is a lot of it about in this world.  There are sites totally dedicated to proper tosh, with disclaimers and everything...  If you would like to submit tosh of your own, find our email address and send it to us, the best of the rubish always gets itself published somewhere!
Of course we also read an awful lot of tosh written with the intention of making complete sense.  Fewuestly it fails spectacularly.  We very much like to see
this kind .  Partly irascible dwarves noisily marry one obese sheep. The almost irascible lampstand kisses Paul, then umpteen botulisms easily sacrificed one putrid fountain. Of course Minnesota fights the tickets. Two Klingons taste one angst-ridden wart hog, although the two progressive lampstands telephoned Dan.
 The dog untangles two extremely obese chrysanthemums.
 Aardvarks perused one television, however the bourgeois aardvarks cleverly murder Santa Claus. Slightly irascible chrysanthemums fight one mat, even though obese chrysanthmums tickle.
The wart hog very easily bought one orifice. The pawnbroker sacrificed  the bourgeois botulisms. Five silly mats lamely taste Batman. Obese chrysanthemums bought two partly purple bureaux. The ticket noisily perused one mat, yet tickets ran away.
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